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Tile has come a long way in the past several years.  Basic square shapes and tame colors made of ceramic and porcelain are no longer the norm.  Today’s tile is made in an array of shapes, sizes from 5/8″ to 9 foot panels, colors from beyond the rainbow, and unique materials such as glass, metal, cement, wood, and so much more.

With the evolution of the internet, now there are more choices of tile available to choose from. With so many tiles to choose from, deciding on which tile to use can be overwhelming.  The best way to evaluate tile is to see it up close and match it with paint swatches, cabinet samples, etc. If you are starting a home renovation that includes tile and don’t know where to start, visit one of Garden State Tile’s showroom and let our knowledgeable design staff guide you through the entire process.

Many of our customers come to us with questions:

  • • “I know what I like, but I don’t know what I want for tile.”
  • • “I just don’t know where to start…”
  • • “How to design a timeless yet unique backsplash or bathroom.”
  • • “What tile will help me with resale value?”
  • • “How do you know what tile is for the floor and what tile is for the wall?”
  • • “What is the easiest to clean or lowest maintenance tile?”

At Garden State Tile, we can answer these questions and make choosing the right tile a snap!  Tile can be installed in many patterns.  Look at some tile pattern options on our Tile Installation Suggestions page.  And if cleaning and maintenance is a concern, Garden State Tile can also advise and offer the right products for your tile.

Once you’ve chosen a particular tile(s), take samples home to make sure they look good and that you are comfortable with the tile in your home.  Tile is not only an investment, it’s a long-term commitment.  

Garden State Tile Showrooms are also available to Design Professionals who are welcomed to reserve our private meeting rooms with their clients for one-on-one consultations.  Our Design Consultants will manage every aspect of their clients’ purchase from start to finish.